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::this is me::

little one
Hi. I'm Laura and you've stumbled onto my livejournal. It's an interesting place filled w. a vast array of emotions and feelings, attitudes and sides of me that I sometimes put out for the world to see. But this is a spot about me...so here I go...I'd say I know what I want in life, but I'd be lying. And liars make my <3 hurt and they don't make me smile. Lots of things do make me smile, however. Working for things at church is among the highest and most rewarding way to make me feel fulfilled and complete. Nothing seems more like I'm doing what I was put onto this earth to do more than working with the teens and the youth program at my church. Heck I think it's what I want to continue doing for my career. Who knows...Writing something I think is good is among things that do, as well as good music on my iPod and good times with friends. Diet Dr. Pepper makes me smile a lot too, but not as much as Diet Dr Good Guy. There's no comparison, hands down. I've got a lot of friends to be there and back me up that I know will always fill that role, but I've also found that you have to be preapred to watch some of them go off on their own and leave. It hurts, but it's life. The most you can do is be civil and give it what you know in your heart is right...If it's meant to be, they'll come back. If it's not, you'll always have the memories. Sound sappy? It might, but it's a lesson that's better learned and addressed than overlooked. I like memories. They make me smile, usually. I've had my share of bad ones, but hey, that's the hand we're dealt. Everyone's got a bad card now and then. I view life as a game of Old Maid. You get "it" once in a while,the Old Maid card, but if you play it strategically, you can change your hand and get rid of that bad card just as easily as you got it. It's all in the attitude you take. It's true that happieness may only be as true and feasible as you make it, but if you wanna have a crappy day where you say ef the world, I say go for it. You're entitled to it. Just don't let that become you and all you are. Remember that tomorrow will be better, and you'll make it.

"Hold on if you feel like letting go,
Hold on it gets better than you know."